When To Call A Pro

When To Call A Pro and What To D-I-Y

I get it, you don’t always want to call a professional when it might be easy enough to do on your own. Here are some guidelines:

Pro: If water is spraying in your face, turn it off and call me at 952-985-0574.

DIY: If your toilet’s flush handle isn’t working, lift up the toilet tank cover and make sure the chain is attached to the flapper. Use pliers to squeeze the chain on tight, so it doesn’t come off again.

DIY: If your toilet is running, start by replacing the flapper. This prevents 90 percent of toilets from running, which saves money on your water bill. The chain on the flapper needs to have one extra link when in the relaxed position. If your water bill is unexpectedly high, always check the toilets.

Pro: If your wife tells you to call the plumber, call the plumber.