Prep Your Home For Summer & Semi-Annual Maintenance

Prep Your Home For Summer:

It’s time to turn your outside water lines back on for summer!

First locate the outside drain caps. Put the drain caps back on the shut-off valves, which are inside the house. Make sure they’re on tight.

Turn the water on (inside). Go outside and turn valves off.

Inside again, make sure nothing is leaking. If you do have a leak, shut the water off and call me.

Garden hoses: Get ready for water fights and gardening by checking for leaks. When you attach the hose to the faucet, you don’t want water spraying back at the house. Replace the washers on the hose. They wear out, but can be replaced for pennies.

If water leaks out of the handle area, slowly tighten the nut until the handle is snug (doesn’t spin freely).

Now you’re ready for gardening, water fights and washing cars in the driveway. Enjoy the summer!

Semi-Annual Maintenance:

If you’re busy cleaning out closets and washing curtains this time of year, you can do these tasks another time. Just be sure to check a few things every six months to keep your water running smoothly.

If your home has water filters (normally by the water meter), they should be changed twice a year. Simple rule: If they’re black and disgusting, change them.

Change refrigerator water filters. They could be in or behind the fridge.

Check your water heater to make sure it’s at the right temperature for your family. I like mine at 120 degrees, but your unit might have settings like “A, B, C, D.” Quick tip: If you can’t comfortably put your hand under the tap on the hottest setting, turn your water heater down. Turning it down could also save energy and money.

Check water softener salt-storage tank. If it’s dirty, rinse it out with water. Use a small amount of water. You could use a wet vac to suck the water out. It’s good to do this maintenance when your salt is low, so you can clean the bottom.

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