We at Air Lake Plumbing know you don’t call us when you’re having a good day. We know you’re mid-crisis and need help immediately. That’s why we’re here to save your ring from getting lost, to repair the pipe that sprung a leak or fix the tub for bath time.

We’re a family owned company with a mission to do the job at the best possible price and get it done right the first time. After all, we want to be at our kids’ soccer games tonight, too.


“I know I’m not the guy you call when everything is going well at home. I’m the guy you call after saying, “oh, no!” Maybe even after you called your handy uncle or checked Google for advice. It’s OK. But now let’s get your problem fixed. Right. The first time.”



When To Call A Pro

I get it, you don’t always want to call a professional when it might be easy enough to do on your own. Here are some guidelines:

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How To Winterize Your Home

As the temperatures drop outside, make sure to prepare your home and pipes for winter simple plumbing tasks you can do on your own from Air Lake Plumbing.

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Summer & Semi-Annual Maintenance

First locate the outside drain caps. Put the drain caps back on the shut-off valves, which are inside the house. Make sure they’re on tight.

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Q & A's

Q: My ring fell down the sink. Help!

A: Most rings fall down bathroom sinks. Pull the stopper out and a high power shop vac will suck it right out.

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